Fallehuckinglujah is my comment on the power of words; it's a bastardization of Hallef***inglujah, which I am wont to say in moments of joy but cannot because of the f*** part. If, however, I switch the f and the h it retains the same feeling but is no longer obscene. Same feeling, same letters, only two letters switched but one is verboten and the other is, well, not


01 April 2017 by admin

I drift through my brain like a spirit, watching as sounds, words and sights trigger flashes as the neurons fire, different places for different inputs. 

Music flashes one, a conversation another. I feel as one with my brain, as we dance with the universe. 

The brain is always active, flashing continually, but this intensifies as context changes from stimuli to stimuli. 

An old friend’s death, the song of a bird, the tears of my children. Anger, despair, longing, ecstasy, insight. 

Is he there? Is the bird here? Where is my mother? I see her and know she’s with me but I can’t find her. 

Time collapses and distorts. Is this memory or prescience? Now, then or soon? 

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25 March 2017 by admin

A small child is welcomed, grows and then dies as a young adult. If the mother had known that she would outlive her child would she still have conceived her? 

That’s the basic story but told so deeply, movingly. The mother can see into the future and knows the child’s life will be brief but has her anyway. 

A European film approaches the audience in a different way, with clever audio cues and subtle balances and harmonies, some only grasped after multiple viewings. 

The sound, music, photography and pacing lull us into a soft place to spend a few hours experiencing first contact in its best context: they mean us no harm, rather benefit. What more could one ask? 

The heptapods are wonderful, rich characters, one of which sacrifices themselves to advance our society. If only we knew what they were saying…

Dr Louise Banks gets the written form of language they use, coming to her vision-like. Not only can she see the future, she can shape it as well. 

And yet knowing the future, she does not change it. And when she changes the present, she’s helped by herself in the future. Changing future and past, that’s an accomplishment. 

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The Ugly American

18 March 2017 by admin

We push our way into places, rather than meld with the environment, because we enter the crowded room with precepts: we know who created our world and we have someone telling us constantly that everything we think is correct.

Every culture convinces itself that its view of existence is the right one but we tend to push others aside, like the woman who wouldn’t do her job because someone was gay. Her worldview wins, regardless of any other perspective.

That’s what it all comes down to, in the end. Leave me alone. Don’t force your beliefs into my existence. I love that your convictions are so brilliantly sharp but they are just that: yours, not mine.

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18 March 2017 by admin

Imagine she’s looking in a mirror, making sure every hair’s in place, then opens the mirror and we see the outside world. 

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07 March 2017 by admin

What would you say about a life form that could effortlessly leap off his own world, on his own, and swim through space, visiting planet after planet. He does this without concern or education. He just does. He wonders how such a wonderful thing as he could be.

He ponders on a time when he was not alone, when there was an other, someone who gave him simple guidance: “As you journey, do not disturb the few who are too small to see.”

“Where are they?” the younger asked.

The older spreads his vision towards more than where they are.

“See the expanse?” he asked. 

The younger nodded. 

“Now look deeper.”

Amongst the vast expanse, he saw a multitude of lights aglow.

“What’s there?” he asked. 

“Folk too small to see us, and we could harm them.”

“Harm them?”

“Yes. As we leap from sphere to sphere, we touch the surface harshly and would harm any life there.”

“There’s life on all these spheres?”


The younger paused as he scanned the vista. Life lit up everywhere, sometimes groups of planets seemed to combine, making brighter lights.

“Is there anyone bigger than us?”

“Oh, yes, but they are careful for us and they know that there is more than enough of the expanse for all of us.”

Who was that one that gave such guidance? He could remember him faintly but could not find him. He did what he was told; when he jumped from place to place, he would pause, concentrate, and see the lights. He noted where they were and avoided them.

Curious, he stopped near one and looked at the life there. Greener than any green he had ever seen and bluer than anywhere else in the expanse.

Amongst this grandeur, he glimpsed animals moving about. When they saw him, they became alarmed and so he hide away.

As he leapt about, he thought of the blue green planet with longing and returned often. He watched as the animals multiplied and one grew more powerful and populous than the others. When they saw him watching, he hopped away, off to another sphere several leaps away where he slept.

One day he returned to the lovely globe to see that all had changed. These folk had built dwellings, cities the size of which he had only seen on other globes.

“Will these grow to leave their own home?” he wondered. He had seen only a few in his travels that could go from sphere to sphere, but no one who could do so as easily as he.

As before, when he was seen, he shied away.

However, on one visit, one of them spoke to him.

“Who are you?” he asked.

“Just a traveler,” he replied before leaping away.

He often returned to this world, anxious to see how they were growing, advancing. Secretly, he wished that they would someday journey beyond their world, so that he would have someone to discuss the expanse with.

As he approached, he saw more light than ever before, bursts of light as from the star that fed their solar system.

Dread filled his heart as he neared, fearing the worst.

Every green thing was ablaze and that which had been blue was blue no longer. He wondered what had transpired.

He almost ran into a vessel sent from the planet. He caught it in his hand, looked at the lifeforms inside and asked “what happened?”

The passengers were too fearful to answer, so he let the ship go.

He sat and watched the light that he had journeyed to see blaze and finally fade to blackness. This sphere would never glow again.

Sad, he went on his way, hoping someday to find another world as beautiful as the blue green planet that was no more.

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Freedom train

25 February 2017 by admin

The poem is read aloud from the beginning. The story of the train begins as we hear the poem start. The poem is paced and enters the story before it is written. At the end, the poem restarts and the audience realizes that they’ve been hearing the poem all along. 

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22 February 2017 by admin

What if every planet was inhabited or at least every solar system. They’re all playing a form of hide-and-go-seek with us as it. We glimpse them when they slip up and appear. There’s like billions of inhabited worlds, all within reach of Earth and they sometimes send people here, like vacations, but they get stuck here and forget that they’re aliens. Except in moments of distress. 

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19 February 2017 by admin

We live in a world of information. At times it seems that information about almost any object, event or person can be culled from the Internet. How do we separate truth from untruth in a digital age, where search engines can be tricked with metadata?

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MLK Jr. 

17 January 2017 by admin

“There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.” 

Martin Luther King Jr.

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14 January 2017 by admin

This is worse than Pearl Harbor, worse than 9/11. A few wealthy white men have pulled off the ultimate bloodless coup, from the inside. 

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02 January 2017 by admin

My brand of socialism would be something like this: ten-year old kid is great at the violin and he loves it. He should get free lessons for life. 

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27 December 2016 by admin

The one thing we must laser focus on is the right to vote. Anyone turned away from a polling place is everyone.

There are a great many laws in place in our country that restrict some groups’ right to vote. The absurdity of voter fraud has propelled many a state house into the red. 

We must overturn every law that unfairly prevents a citizen from casting a ballot. 

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27 December 2016 by admin

Is it too Machiavellian to guide our children in pursuing that which they’re naturally talented but also enjoy? 

Subtle clues could help a trained eye recognize skills in a child and feed that skill to see if she responds in joy. Maybe she sucks at sports but loves baseball? Coaching? If Ralph is bad at math, but he’s great when you need something lifted, he shouldn’t be in middle-management.  

No one guided me. I know that I’m still in charge but wonder what my life would have been like if someone guided me. 

Actually, one did and I didn’t follow. Dusty Rhodes, great name, saw that I enjoyed doing sound work for community plays and bought me used books on the subject. I was a teen and probably should have listened but I was focused on music and girls. 

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20 December 2016 by admin

Poland during the 16th and 17th Century was known as paradisus Iudaeorum, Latin for “Paradise of the Jews.” 90% of Polish Jewry perished in The Holocaust. Tell me there’s no irony in that. 

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12 December 2016 by admin

At what point does the safety of the society override someone’s competence? Should we be able to force someone to take their meds? For people who end up in asylums, that’s an override. Who makes that decision? 

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11 December 2016 by admin

No one has the right to kill and eat another living being, unless it is to ensure their own survival. 

That does leave the door open to cannibals, though. 

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Sharing and truth

11 December 2016 by admin

Joe Biden mentioned a Moonshot for cancer that he and Obama are backing: money towards bringing all of the disparate research findings together and pool them for IBM to parse.  

The sharing of info for the greater good is essential in a just society, at least when it comes to people’s lives. 

And truth: these are the facts and it shows what methods are most successful and which are not. No bullshit. 

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