Fallehuckinglujah is my comment on the power of words; it's a bastardization of Hallef***inglujah, which I am wont to say in moments of joy but cannot because of the f*** part. If, however, I switch the f and the h it retains the same feeling but is no longer obscene. Same feeling, same letters, only two letters switched but one is verboten and the other is, well, not


15 June 2018 by admin

The last century or so has seen such dramatic changes in how we see the world. Most thought somebody else was out there, or lots of somebodies, but they all believed in what you could see and had issues extending their thoughts past that point. Explain to me again about this invisible god?
And the we get the good news: we are infinitesimal in the whole thing, or the core of it all, depending on how you think. Listening the Holst’s The Planets makes me think of how grand everything is. Fucking beyond enormous. It’s so enormous we can’t get our heads around it.
So, which is better? Are we all part of a greater good or is there a god out there who likes some better than others so they suffer and you prosper?
Think in the big scale and you’re overwhelmed. Bring it down to size and you’re just as overwhelmed. From infinite vastness to a blackhole in your heart, it can be overwhelming.
Where do we go from here? Locally, change the Constitution, as it was designed to be, and put ethos into law. I am my brother’s keeper. I should not lose my house because I get sick. No one should feel pain, hunger or want. Pretty basic shit and getting even that is almost impossible.
Vastness. Astronauts talk of the overwhelming feeling they get when they see Earth from space. And all this in a few centuries. Let’s not kill the arc that we’re on because we disagree on basic issues. Let’s help each other.

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