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15 June 2018 by admin

I’m tired of this shit. I kept away for severals days, sneak back in for a peek and sure as shit, he’s done something else or another bad act has been exposed. Jesus H. Fucking Christ. We can’t all fix it, I know, because of how it’s been gifted to us, elections and all, but they did put in strong countermeasures and we blew past those last year.
What would Lincoln say about America, right know? Hard to say but I wonder if his sensibilities would work, i.e., is there a tangible good that can be discerned or is the discernment what makes us humans? He’s thrust upon us often as a hallmark of the best but what would he think? I’ve read a few speeches but I think we agree on the basics, the same hallmarks define how each president is thought of after. Some are ridiculed from the get-go, others history tastes for awhile, and some are fucking obvious: they knew, man they knew what they lost in Lincoln. Immediately after he passed, someone said “and now, he belongs to the ages.” They knew.
Who else? Washington, obviously and Adams, Jefferson, Monroe, the big ones but then you get done to the middle group, and even they change: Andrew Jackson has been immortalized for decades only to find out that he was a real dick. Bad, bad guy but I never heard that in school. Roosevelt still evokes awe, on both sides, and Reagan will always be worshipped but the we hear shit about JFK and it breaks my heart. He was a good man, I know, but he had his faults and he was at the crux of the Cold War, I just wish he were a better man. The man I thought he was.
And there in lies the rub: how can anyone live up to that? My picture of someone else. Our pictures of each other and ourselves. Shrinks have been rich for decades in that market.
Sometimes someone does. I know Truman’s story as much as I know any of them, thanks to McCullough’s book, and he was a good man. He got to office via “the boss” but in the end he was okay. The buck stops here. I don’t think he knowingly lied to us but I think he underestimated Stalin, like Obama underestimated right wing frenzy at being the first black man elected to that office. I think he truly cared but couldn’t fight such a strong opposition.
But Obama seems to be rating very highly, by those who cast their glances backwards and can begin to see long term effects. And again, he was a good guy: didn’t cheat on his wife, almost zero scandal. I read that he posited that he might have been too early. What a shame. He might be on Mount Rushmore, or its equivalent someday.
Then the elephant in the room, or should I saw the elephant in the country, not only doing bad things with our friends but kissing up to our non friends. And I understand new age thinking but there is evil in this world. Ad he’s in charge.

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