Fallehuckinglujah is my comment on the power of words; it's a bastardization of Hallef***inglujah, which I am wont to say in moments of joy but cannot because of the f*** part. If, however, I switch the f and the h it retains the same feeling but is no longer obscene. Same feeling, same letters, only two letters switched but one is verboten and the other is, well, not


06 September 2017 by admin

Character turns. Ongoing…

NRA fanatic turned gun-control advocate after his child dies by gun.

Four characters: two boys and two girls. Three timeframes, same locale. A restaurant. Relationships change from era to era, waitress becomes girlfriend/wife, customer to employee. Simple relationships, major growth, all told in real time.

Would it be three screenplays? Or do the era refer to each other throughout?

Is this the place for time tourists? I keep hearing the Mac boot chime and know it has a place but is it here? Could be opening shot in extended storyline.

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