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31 August 2017 by admin

Slavery should have been stopped immediately but our founding fathers chose to keep it, expecting us to solve the great problem of our civilization: are we all equal?

Many throughout history, and many now, say no. Most of the revolutionary generation thought no. In writing his famous preamble Jefferson kept slaves, fathered children with them. Was she not equal?

The 5/8 dynamic exemplifies this: the South was able to swell their power, from the beginning, by the law that made a slave 5/8 of a man. Not that he could vote, but it’s an ideal system: a slaveowner who has 1000 slaves gains 625 votes. Votes that do not vote.

By swelling the rolls, states gain more representation in the capital. More slaves, more representatives. No wonder they fought to keep slavery. And that is why they fought. Power.

Keeping this system for generations ingrains it in that society, children growing up knowing they were better/worse than someone else.

What if the founding fathers had said “slavery will not be enshrined in our sacred documents” perhaps we’d be a smaller, northern country dealing with a southern country. Why was that trade off not made?

Picture them both growing westward, each dragging their value systems along. At some point, we’d clash over land.

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