Fallehuckinglujah is my comment on the power of words; it's a bastardization of Hallef***inglujah, which I am wont to say in moments of joy but cannot because of the f*** part. If, however, I switch the f and the h it retains the same feeling but is no longer obscene. Same feeling, same letters, only two letters switched but one is verboten and the other is, well, not


07 May 2017 by admin

Enjoying Tubular Bells and pondering the phase of solo creators who first fully exploited studio technology to create notable works with multiple dubs and almost no musicians in attendance, other than the principal.

Mike Oldfield weaves a magical blend of melodies and instruments that mix into pure joy.

Larry Fast did something not quite so ambitious with Synergy and Steve Winwood would follow with his reboot series.

Skip Spence rented studio space and expurgated dozens of tracks, all unique and touching, then simply slipped away into insanity, never to record again. The resulting work is profoundly raw and in so doing touching. Very personal, as if he had to get a few things of his mind before relenting to his demons, akin to Van Gogh.

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