Fallehuckinglujah is my comment on the power of words; it's a bastardization of Hallef***inglujah, which I am wont to say in moments of joy but cannot because of the f*** part. If, however, I switch the f and the h it retains the same feeling but is no longer obscene. Same feeling, same letters, only two letters switched but one is verboten and the other is, well, not

The isle of dog

02 December 2016 by admin

It keeps coming back to me; its the ideal existence for dogs. Nobody hurting them, saved from death, lots of land to run and friends to play with. A no-kill dog shelter. I want any unwanted dog; in fact, the byline would be “no more unwanted dogs.” 

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Fuck it

02 December 2016 by admin

At some point, we have to get off the treadmill and stop supporting the bullshit. The $8 plaid shirt at Walmart, for one thing. Outrageous wealth to a handful of people, who were born into wealth. Substandard living conditions for the maker and seller of the shirt. 

We must stop supporting this. 

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02 December 2016 by admin

Both of my grandmothers died in childbirth. Never thought of it that way, but it says a lot: the healthcare at the time and what it did to the surviving family, especially the widower. 

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02 December 2016 by admin

I was just thinking that I missed drawing my dad’s experiences out. He fought in WW2. He talked about it but I wasn’t interested at the time. Now, of course, I am. 

I told Nancy that I’d feel justified in saying that spending the rest of my life talking to my dad. A good way to end my life. Good story idea, too. 

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The right tool

27 November 2016 by admin

A friend used to say “always use the right tool for the job.” This when I used a putty knife as a flat blade screwdriver; ruined the putty knife. 

Aren’t we all either the right tool or the wrong tool for the job? Don’t you know someone who’s in a relationship where one of them is the flat blade screwdriver while the other is a Phillips? 

Have you tried to tighten a flat blade screw with a Phillips screwdriver? Have you tried with your thumbnail? If you can move it along without breaking the nail. 

So maybe I’m just the Phillips screwdriver and you’re a flat blade screw. That’s ok. We don’t all have to match. 

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26 November 2016 by admin

For those more likely to stay at home than go out to clubs or other fun places, advertising is the way to go. They love the gimmicks, the burst of laughter amongst a group of happy people, and fall for everything: diamonds are a girl’s best friend, after all (or so they tell you). 

They’ll buy almost anything, even an election that was obviously manipulated (there, this post officially enters me into a surveillance process, of some kind), by the FBI, the media and, oh, a lot of rich people who have sculpted us to the form we now possess. 

They’re smarter than us, after all, or at least better educated, and thrive on our weaknesses. Literally. Our fears, our devotions, and they wrap it all into sound bytes and feed it to us. And we eat it all up. ‘Please, sir, I want some more.’

To admit that we’re just as bad as in Dickens’ time is not  an overstatement. Income inequity is way past what is was in even in the worsts of time. Animals, caged or free, are dying way too fast.  

It’s amazing that we let them get away with it and in some cases rejoice in it. “Yes, I’m like them and wear their clothes” or “me, too.” ” I hate that woman.” 

It’s amazing the damage done. A verified molester and con man validates all the wrong people. Anti-anyone else’s right, neo Nazis, bigots. I’m afraid. 

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Ten toe pet

26 November 2016 by admin

“There’s so much rain here that the poop blends in with the mud; I thought of calling it either moop or pud and settled on pud.”

Her hand went to her mouth but she couldn’t stop the giggle. 

Nervously, “Yeah, it’s a blended word, you know, a…”

“I get it.” Pause. “What’s your name?”

He shot a glance at her. “Riley.”

“Hi, Riley, I’m Jenn.” 

“Hi.” He returned to his pud. 


“My dad hallucinated,” Riley began. “He’d see me as Batman.” 

Scene: son is strutting, listening to music while working in the house but we see him as Batman because that’s how the father sees him. 

“Why Batman?” 

“I don’t know; why’d he hallucinate, you know?” 

Awkward pause. 

“Anyway, he was nuts and I guess I am, too.” He started to walk away. 

“Hey, everybody’s crazy, right?” Laughing. “I am.”

“Well, we’re in the right place, I guess.” 

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Santa’s age

25 November 2016 by admin

“As old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth.” 

Edmund Gwenn as Kris Kringle in “Miracle on 34th Street” but originally from Jonathan Swift. 

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23 November 2016 by admin

An agent looks through a folio of headshots as they talk to us about why the agent won’t pick them (“he’s gonna pass right by me ’cause of my haircut. I told the photographer I didn’t want it short” “I know – I look like Tony Danza” “this shot was during my Rachel-period”). 

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23 November 2016 by admin

Someone at a party mentions looking up an old friend on Facebook and soon everybody at the party is telling a similar story or making plans to do the same thing. 
Some end well, others not so. 

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20 November 2016 by admin

Model for today’s world climate. The hard, unbreakable father who fills the role of modern business. 

Son objects, on purely moral, ethical grounds and is displaced. Armed with an adamantine sword he kills his father. Mythology has him castrating dad but how to represent that? Public humiliation? 

Represents our current state – ruled by billionaires with no remorse or empathy. The son is socialism. 

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20 November 2016 by admin

Device is divided views of the same events: 1) a mentally-challenged teenager who is very much inside his own head and 2) his friend, who acts as his helper. They are not lovers. 

He spews out Ten Toe Pet, a seemingly random links of words that are his favorite game. 

Eventually his pubescent thoughts become crude comments and kills the friendship. 

He’s placed in a home for similar oddities where he meets someone who helps him communicate. They fall in love. 

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20 November 2016 by admin

“Wiki” Reyes is the smartest person in her group and she edits Wikipedia (hence the nickname). 

Her edits of progressive articles draws the attention of the NSA and is put under surveillance. 

The agent assigned to study her, Julie Stone, admires her and becomes interested. Asks her boss for increased surveillance. 

Julie breaks into Wiki’s apartment and installs cameras and bugs. Weeks of watching Wiki’s life excites her more and she decides to break the fourth wall. Knowing her likes, Julie draws her in. 

Wiki finds out the truth and kills Julie. Not sure it has to end in death; 70s cinema says yes. 

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20 November 2016 by admin

The interaction between Pluto and Charon is the heartbeat of the universe. The pulse. 

A probe from Earth approaches then passes. The recordings sent back show no signs of life or technology. 

Followed by manned probe. When they pass Pluto, they see a facility not unlike a blind. Surprised, the astronauts conjecture that the reason the facility was not seen before is a matter of direct evidence – data transmissions can be edited. 

In every solar system, there’s a chaos-generator that regulates life in that system. Without that generator, life becomes unstable. 

Our chaos, ultimately, drives the cosmos.  

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Breaking the artifice

20 November 2016 by admin

First dialogue he speaks in the movie, his introduction he breaks the artifice: 

Mrs. Teasdale: As chairwoman of the reception committee, I extend the good wishes of every man, woman and child of Freedonia.

Rufus T Firefly: Never mind that stuff, take a card. [Fans out a deck of playing cards]

Mrs. Teasdale: [Picks one from the fan] Card? What do I do with the card?

Firefly: You can keep it. I got fifty one left! Now, what were you saying?

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13 November 2016 by admin

The Supreme Court swings right. Global warming goes unabated. Income inequality increases. The environment is fucked. Minorities are fucked. Right wing nut jobs think they have more rights than the rest of us. A centerfold model replaces Michelle. A failed businessman replaces Barack. Healthcare is lost for millions. Campaign finance laws are forgotten. 

Even if we regain power in four years, how can we undo all of the damage? 

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20 September 2016 by admin

“Why not let people differ about their answers to the great mysteries of the Universe? Let each seek one’s own way to the highest, to one’s own sense of supreme loyalty in life, one’s ideal of life. Let each philosophy, each world-view bring forth its truth and beauty to a larger perspective, that people may grow in vision, stature and dedication.” 
― Algernon Black

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14 September 2016 by admin

My dad used to salvage metal, the insides of washing machines, and the like, and sell the goods to buy cigarettes. 

I never understood that habit. I loved cigarettes, too, but never the way he did. 

When he died, I quit smoking. 

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14 September 2016 by admin

If you don’t think the people really in charge aren’t manipulating the economy for political gain, you don’t understand how it works. They’re playing it like puppetry.

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11 September 2016 by admin

We all ascend because we must. Upwards. The goal – lottery, career, crime or birth – is to be up. I have enough to survive. Or more, even a lot more. 

We all want to get to that pinnacle or eclipse it. Always. And we want our kids to stay there. 

My politic is complete equality. Complete. And those two do not get along well with each other. 

Fairness is all I ask for. If you get sick, you should not lose your house. Your race should not determine how easy it is for the police to shoot you. 

Wealthy people should not be able twist laws to make themselves even richer. Laws should reflect what truly matters, not just schemes to make your friends wealthy. 

Everybody is held accountable, but fairly. We all get the same breaks. If I’m smart enough, I should be given every opportunity to learn. 

I’m not talking about free money. A basic income for everybody. Not a fortune, just a fair stipend. If you can turn it into more, all the better. 

But the drive by the richest to get even filthier rich, at any cost, is inexcusable. 

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Clown nose smiley face

10 September 2016 by admin

“Oh wow – Tom! I don’t know why, but I just found this message! Of course I remember you :o) How are you – and what’s new (from the last 30 years!!)? Happy New Year – I’m so sorry I didn’t see this back when you sent it!”

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09 September 2016 by admin

Life through the eyes of a judge, minutiae like the brief judgment he made into whether or not to enter a house. The house is owned by someone important who, while naughty isn’t guilty, it can seem that way. 

Careers ruined, lives devastated. 

His Honor, through tragedy and distraction holds to his purity and becomes a Supreme Court justice. 

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Trash to cash

06 September 2016 by admin

Man invents method of converting trash to cash. This upsets the world economy. Then there’s no more trash and people start using other things for trash. 

The quality of products falls dramatically and Dictatorships take over world after world economy fails. 

“Patriot” instead of “Comrade.”
Man has to hide. Loves old movies. Divorced and misses his wife. 

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06 September 2016 by admin

An old idea cropped back in that still sounds like a winner. Someone’s deleted a file but Windows still holds it in the scratchpad and you must prevent anyone from copying anything else, clearing the scratchpad and thereby losing the previous data. 

Or a pastiche to Being There and the lonely man who couldn’t understand why his remote didn’t stop real life. Turn that into my all time favorite keyboard shortcuts: undo. 

What if you could undo anything? But it had to be the last keyboard entry or “shake” as in iOS.  The last thing. 

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06 September 2016 by admin

When someone possesses power, in whatever form, limits must be in place to protect the powerless. Weapons, even those meant for protection, must have safeguards. Explosions of violence are too easily begun and not as easily contained. 

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05 September 2016 by admin

Critical character just misses fantastical scene that either reveals massive amounts of plot or is the funniest/scariest/impacting part of the story that is impossible to explain. 

Where does that character go? Everybody else is “in” on the joke/horror/whatever and now have different motivations. 

Works for “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World,” and others. Who do you laugh about? Jonathan Winters, the dim bulb who’s never quite along with the plot, that every other character does (including the audience). 

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05 September 2016 by admin

We carry a framework around us of all our perceptions, beliefs and conceptions that establishes the world around us in every respect and in every second. 

If dominated by the past, the past will create your reality. If in the moment, that will as well. How ever you view life, that’s what you get. 

Those who have no preconceptions or they’re horrible, like abuse victims, cannot create anything positive until they can put that behind them somehow. 

We all must move beyond whatever drives our reality and create it ourselves as best we can. 

It truly means it’s up to us. In every way. 

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05 September 2016 by admin

Write the movie to match the music, not the other way around. Compose a script that fits into the character path of the score. Drama, depth, celebration, all in sync with the beat-by-beat symphony. 

I’m thinking Beethoven’s Third Symphony right now. What would that screenplay look like?   

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05 September 2016 by admin

The greatest benefit goes to who turns money over or increases the value of some kind of monetary system. 
“The Golden Rule: Those with the gold makes the rules.”
So the system sets itself up to artificially increase the system. And we know who the system is – it’s the 1%, or wherever you draw the line. 

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