Fallehuckinglujah is my comment on the power of words; it's a bastardization of Hallef***inglujah, which I am wont to say in moments of joy but cannot because of the f*** part. If, however, I switch the f and the h it retains the same feeling but is no longer obscene. Same feeling, same letters, only two letters switched but one is verboten and the other is, well, not


20 September 2016 by admin

“Why not let people differ about their answers to the great mysteries of the Universe? Let each seek one’s own way to the highest, to one’s own sense of supreme loyalty in life, one’s ideal of life. Let each philosophy, each world-view bring forth its truth and beauty to a larger perspective, that people may grow in vision, stature and dedication.” 
― Algernon Black

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14 September 2016 by admin

My dad used to salvage metal, the insides of washing machines, and the like, and sell the goods to buy cigarettes. 

I never understood that habit. I loved cigarettes, too, but never the way he did. 

When he died, I quit smoking. 

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14 September 2016 by admin

If you don’t think the people really in charge aren’t manipulating the economy for political gain, you don’t understand how it works. They’re playing it like puppetry.

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11 September 2016 by admin

We all ascend because we must. Upwards. The goal – lottery, career, crime or birth – is to be up. I have enough to survive. Or more, even a lot more. 

We all want to get to that pinnacle or eclipse it. Always. And we want our kids to stay there. 

My politic is complete equality. Complete. And those two do not get along well with each other. 

Fairness is all I ask for. If you get sick, you should not lose your house. Your race should not determine how easy it is for the police to shoot you. 

Wealthy people should not be able twist laws to make themselves even richer. Laws should reflect what truly matters, not just schemes to make your friends wealthy. 

Everybody is held accountable, but fairly. We all get the same breaks. If I’m smart enough, I should be given every opportunity to learn. 

I’m not talking about free money. A basic income for everybody. Not a fortune, just a fair stipend. If you can turn it into more, all the better. 

But the drive by the richest to get even filthier rich, at any cost, is inexcusable. 

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Clown nose smiley face

10 September 2016 by admin

“Oh wow – Tom! I don’t know why, but I just found this message! Of course I remember you :o) How are you – and what’s new (from the last 30 years!!)? Happy New Year – I’m so sorry I didn’t see this back when you sent it!”

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09 September 2016 by admin

Life through the eyes of a judge, minutiae like the brief judgment he made into whether or not to enter a house. The house is owned by someone important who, while naughty isn’t guilty, it can seem that way. 

Careers ruined, lives devastated. 

His Honor, through tragedy and distraction holds to his purity and becomes a Supreme Court justice. 

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Trash to cash

06 September 2016 by admin

Man invents method of converting trash to cash. This upsets the world economy. Then there’s no more trash and people start using other things for trash. 

The quality of products falls dramatically and Dictatorships take over world after world economy fails. 

“Patriot” instead of “Comrade.”
Man has to hide. Loves old movies. Divorced and misses his wife. 

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06 September 2016 by admin

An old idea cropped back in that still sounds like a winner. Someone’s deleted a file but Windows still holds it in the scratchpad and you must prevent anyone from copying anything else, clearing the scratchpad and thereby losing the previous data. 

Or a pastiche to Being There and the lonely man who couldn’t understand why his remote didn’t stop real life. Turn that into my all time favorite keyboard shortcuts: undo. 

What if you could undo anything? But it had to be the last keyboard entry or “shake” as in iOS.  The last thing. 

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06 September 2016 by admin

When someone possesses power, in whatever form, limits must be in place to protect the powerless. Weapons, even those meant for protection, must have safeguards. Explosions of violence are too easily begun and not as easily contained. 

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05 September 2016 by admin

Critical character just misses fantastical scene that either reveals massive amounts of plot or is the funniest/scariest/impacting part of the story that is impossible to explain. 

What does that character go? Everybody else is “in” on the joke/horror/whatever and now have different motivations. 

Works for “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World,” and others. Who do you laugh about? Jonathan Winters, the dim bulb who’s never quite along with the plot, that every other character does (including the audience). 

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05 September 2016 by admin

We carry a framework around us of all our perceptions, beliefs and conceptions that establishes the world around us in every respect and in every second. 

If dominated by the past, the past will create your reality. If in the moment, that will as well. How ever you view life, that’s what you get. 

Those who have no preconceptions or they’re horrible, like abuse victims, cannot create anything positive until they can put that behind them somehow. 

We all must move beyond whatever drives our reality and create it ourselves as best we can. 

It truly means it’s up to us. In every way. 

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05 September 2016 by admin

Write the movie to match the music, not the other way around. Compose a script that fits into the character path of the score. Drama, depth, celebration, all in sync with the beat-by-beat symphony. 

I’m thinking Beethoven’s Third Symphony right now. What would that screenplay look like?   

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05 September 2016 by admin

The greatest benefit goes to who turns money over or increases the value of some kind of monetary system. 
“The Golden Rule: Those with the gold makes the rules.”
So the system sets itself up to artificially increase the system. And we know who the system is – it’s the 1%, or wherever you draw the line. 

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23 August 2016 by admin

Mythical figure, at least on an episode of STNG, who returns after  a thousand years to claim her due. Story goes that she “rescued” a society from doom as long as she gets their bondage 1000 years later. 

But Picard discerns her true identity: a con woman. She’s got technical skills and reads about this society and figures she’ll get something from it. 

Turns out she’s doing this kinda scam on dozens of planets. Busted. 

Makes me think of Trump. He’s got cons everywhere, Trump Steaks, Trump University, all failures, and yet he keeps convincing people to give him money. 

What is the mentality that would consider this jerk as President? 

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22 August 2016 by admin

Man has sex with three women, all with three-letter names, before marrying his wife, who has a four-letter name. Finds out years later that he impregnated all three. 

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22 August 2016 by admin

An alien species is altering our DNA and steering our destiny. They may randomly change one of us, either for entertainment or scientific, purpose. We see the changes as miracles. 

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22 August 2016 by admin

I’m thrilled with the surging voice coming from all over but that voice cannot shout down the hatred. Genocide and global catastrophe wipe people away and we do nothing. There needs to be a governing body; the US thinks, well, that it’s us. But we’re not doing very well, actually. 

I agree that a governing body, based in its own perfect true, can never be everything to everyone, but we can all agree that one tribe in Africa should not be able to “cleanse” the Earth of another tribe. In the so-called Great Wars, countries came together to fight a challenge too great for one alone and shaped the future in ways that may take centuries to become clear. 

The Versailles Treaty fostered the growth of Fascism and inadvertently helped create ISIS. The divisions drawn out, including clumping multiple ethnic groups together that had no reason to be governed together, impacts us now. 

Iraq should never have been one country; the three groups could not be farther from each other in beliefs. 

Somebody’s gotta be cop, but who decides the tactics? I think some of our police forces could use assistance. 

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At any given time…

21 August 2016 by admin

…you may be called upon to make the appropriate gesture or motions determined by your tribal group or just what someone else says. The camera swings your way, the red light goes on and God, don’t be doing something stupid, like picking your nose. That may shape your life for years. Do it right. 

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Lapel mics

21 August 2016 by admin

How can they work? The speaker is talking out, not down. Is it directional? Like it’s focused on a spot exactly where the sound waves come out of the mouth. I need someone to explain that to me. 

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20 August 2016 by admin

Mainstream Christianity is tied up with a specific, published work that rarely changes. In fact, many of the changes alter the meaning, to some extent. 

Counter that with wide open, free thinkers, who like the young child, persistently asks “why?” 

I want that child to answer that question for me. I don’t want her to be taught rigid thought-patterns but to question. Why?


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19 August 2016 by admin

I’d like to get as close to the first dog as I can. I know the gene pool’s different; there’s no way to replicate that first, magical encounter, when proto-man met what would become dog. Research says it was a wolf, so I can find a wolf. 

Could we both see that trust that must have blossomed? That magic? 

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Four followings

17 August 2016 by admin

Four characters, one leading, the “lead” character. He’s being followed and he’s being followed. 3 following someone else. 

The story begins with the number two and we don’t know he’s following anyone; he spots his follower and thus it goes. 

Do I wish to have the first guy follow number four? Is that too elliptical?  

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The Pearl

16 August 2016 by admin

“And he could not take the chance of pitting his certain ignorance against this man’s possible knowledge.” The Pearl, page 36

I’m stupid but he may know something.  

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14 August 2016 by admin

I process the day’s input and grasp the ironies when I dream. Unaware of this in the morning, I’m somehow better for it. Something intrinsic yet undefinable. 

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I must have her

11 August 2016 by admin

Watching Men’s Volleyball, Canada vs. Brazil, and the camera turns to a group of young women. In the center is a lovely, well-built woman and I thought “I must have her,” playfully imagining that as even possible (not), and thought that would be a good story. 

Is that even possible? Could I just pick up a phone and say “her”? How would you even do that? 

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08 August 2016 by admin

Watching GotG and noted a weapons controller on Ronan’s spacecraft respond to a command by manipulating a device that was hanging from above. 

My perspective is voice commands more and more become the norm; after all, what could be easier? But here, the man uses his fingers to process a task, and the command from Gamora is “get my ship.” 

Humans interface with a broad spectrum of contacts: hands, eyes, speech, etc. I don’t think anyone would have been believed to predict my typing this on a computer the size of a box of playing cards, but thinner. 

The only thing left after voice commands must be telekinesis. 

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06 August 2016 by admin

I first met him one morning and it was a truly magical experience. We spoke, I watched him play, and I dreamed about his, rather our, futures. 

I would guide him through the travails that thwarted me and ensure he grasped the opportunities I let slip by. 

Thus the story would not be about his life but rather the life I projected for him. I would be “correcting” my mistakes, living the great lying question “what would you do differently if you could live your life over?”

Only he never lived. This would not be apparent until later on. The reader would be absorbed in my fantastical version of my life relived, with Michael as my proxy. 

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06 August 2016 by admin

Do I need to “see” what’s there to write a screenplay? The process seems so visual to me but that doesn’t mean that a dialogue-packed script won’t work – let the director figure that out. 

One must immerse oneself into the environment being written about, which is why much published work is based solely on life experiences, such as A Tree Grows in Brooklyn or I Remember Mama. While not autobiographies, they still convey a striking sense of place; I feel like I’m truly in the New York or San Francisco of that period. 

Still best is the original world, like Dune or Star Wars. But they’re still basically humanoid, a failing that few have overcome in their writing. 

Humanoids having a human life is 90% of all fiction. Some exploit human misery for profit but many live the battle for what we all want: a genuine life in our world. Happiness. Love. Freedom. Fulfillment. Those are the best stories. 

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Eroica as catharsis

31 July 2016 by admin

Beethoven had very specific events in mind that helped drive the music: Napoleon was marching through the old feudal system and freeing the masses. Eroica is heroic and there’s no doubt Beethoven had that man as an inspiration.

The composer reaches profound emotional tones of despair and triumph. All through the piece is a broad strength of expression, as if he is for the time truly saying “This is me.” He knows what he’s doing. 

And yet he also lived through what is perhaps the worst event in his life: he came to terms with his growing deafness. He wrote a letter when he was thirty-one, coming to the realization that he would never hear his own music again. He talks in terms of dying and being born once more, confident that if I can’t hear it, I’ll make sure you do.

Eroica is the first truly great symphony. Mozart brought the form to life but Beethoven made it live. None better and Eroica is his opening joust, saying confidentially, these are the notes in my head and I want you to hear them, and boy, have we ever. 

Always worth listening to, but you really have to listen. Don’t dishonor the man by trying to also do anything else while listening because he’s worth your sole attention. 

I recommend Herbert von Karajan. 

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